Get To Know Us


Welcome to our new platform. We are quite new but we’ve got opportunities planned for the next 2 years to ensure your works are seen and that you can Reconnect with fellow artists and numerous opportunities.We are based between London & Qatar with teams in both locations.

What’s next?

We publish one publication a year. Our first will be a newspaper at the Eid Festival in London.

We hold one major exhibition a year. Our first will take place this November in London for the duration of 6 weeks.


Our aim is to…

  • create an accessible, inclusive platform where Qatari and Arab artists can share, learn and reconnect with each other and the rest of the world.
  • hold educational talks, workshops and events that allow participants to engage with current topics and issues.
  • foster a space for artists to gain relevant artistic experience through internships.
  • allow artists to gain visibility within the arts by having their work exhibited and published.
  • provide opportunities for audiences in Europe and beyond to learn about and participate in innovative projects taking place across the MENA region through exhibitions, talks, performances, film screenings and other events.
  • create a space in which the most exciting artistic, practical and theoretical perspectives emerging from the Arab world and diaspora today can be experienced alongside one another.

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We are a sister organization to @SeeMyCulture.

Celebrating Emerging Middle Eastern Creatives