Doha’s First Behance Portfolio Review

Qatar’s summer kicked off with Doha’s first Behance Portfolio Review event on 15th of May. It was successful with a high turnout more than expected consisted of design professionals and enthusiasts alike. Behance, which is a famous online platform for designers, created Portfolio Reviews week which is a series of events that has spread to hundreds of cities with a goal of bringing together creative professionals. It’s a chance for creative, all levels to present and get feedback on their creative artwork.

13254694_1596978050630614_6072723128656785897_oAmmar@alqamash and Marsya@brbteatime, who felt that the design community needed to reform brought this worldwide event to Doha with an aim to bring Doha’s creatives closer and to introduce a new wave of design and art movement in the emerging creatives’ community. The event brought the thriving online community into the real world empowering creatives to share and inspire each other. The goal of Behance Reviews Doha is to bring creatives of Doha to present and get feedback on their work, hear from a range of guest speakers, and socialize with members of Doha’s local creative community.13248360_1596978063963946_4242275740156184076_oThe day started off with a panel discussion with three featured guests who are one of the top in the industry of their respected fields: Aziza Iqbal, Anis Bengiuma and Valantis Arsenios. The event is preceded into a group of three led by the mentioned designers for portfolio reviews of our attendees.


You can find out more @BereviewsDoha


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