Feature: Wedad Al-Bakr

Wedad Al-bakr is a firm believer in that art brings people together. She believes that without culture there is no society, and without art there is no culture.

After getting her university degree in Arabic Literature and Education, Wedad Al-Bakr joined an art institute in England and obtained a diploma in art. That marked the beginning of her artistic journey since 2000.

In her early days, her focus was on nature and later on more abstract and expressive work. Her all time favourite subjects are whirling dervishes, dancers and the feminine identity.

A woman with Bedouin roots, from the Arabian Peninsula, who takes pride in her heritage and religion, and respects and appreciates diversity. She believes that art can encapsulate human suffering, a theme strongly portrayed in some of her works.

Brochure-for print-new3Lately she has been focusing on feminine subjects, relying on known as well as untold stories. Although she believes in planning, spontaneity is her guiding compass which helped her develop a simple yet bold and con dent style.


Brochure-for print-new



Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers have been a favorite of mine since childhood. In this collection, my goal was to transform these chocolate bars from mere delicious calories to a symbol of identity, heritage and history.

A collection where tradition and legacy are melded with the Caramel wrappers, which in my opinion symbolizes other cultures.

I chose to place the Caramel wrappers in small but significant parts of my portraits, to emphasize the importance of accepting other cultures. To respect and appreciate diversity but without neglecting our own roots and cultural heritage, for that is what de nes strength and balance.


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