Feature: Omammah Ashmeel

Omamah Ashmeel is an illustrator, graphic designer and visual artist based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Most of her work is influenced by her love for nature, observations and emotions with a pinch of wild imagination. Omamah Illustrates for both young and mature audiences and experiments with both traditional and digital media.



There’s a gorgeous sunset
behind that tall tall building
It’s there I’m sure
I see glimpses of red
here and there
the gradient of blue and purple
makes my heart danceI’ll chase it
I have to
Head west I say
There’s a sunset behind that tall tall building
I bet it looks amazing from there
head west let’s see
behind this tower of concrete
blue red and purple
Colors I dream of



I tried to fill your cup
with happiness and love
I sent good vibes your way
I sat on my knees and prayed
for you to be joyous again
I fell asleep believing that my prayers will be answered

I woke up the next hour
with a pain in my chest and no happiness
I’ve sent you all I’ve got
every last bit
your sorrow became mine
and my joy was stranded somewhere between you and me
you did not accept it
you did not return it
you kept it around just incase
you took it for granted

I learned that your cup is yours and I can’t fill it
and my cup is broken and only I can fix it




Find her at @ashmeelomamah

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