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Issue 001 is a visual guide to 35 Emerging Artists and their work.These artists reflect on their journeys and the complexities of an identity that is constantly reconnecting.

The aim of the Visual Guide is to showcase the Artists through a different medium than simply online. Something that is tangible and can be flicked through with friends, at a cafe or on a journey. The magazine is more of a visual guide, so there’s lots of pictures, but enough information so you can connect with each Artist.

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We love supporting platforms so we collaborated with two!  Two.Thirds bring you these colourful cultural Flyers. Jaffat El Aqlam designed the Awesome Stickers you might get in your magazine if you’re amongst the first to purchase!



Alanoud Ahmed, Amani Alsaad, Amani AlThuwaini, Arwa Al-Salami, Basma Amin, Faisal AlKheriji, Farah Salem, Hana Gamal, Hardy, Haya Al-Bassam, Hussain Al Ismail, Hussein, Ishtar Al Shammari, Jaffar Alhaddad, Khalid Al Hammadi, Marsya, Mashail Faqeeh, Meznah Alfriedi, Moath Alofi, Mohammed Al-Maadeed, Mohammed D. Fakhro, Nasreen Jamal Al Lail, Noor Iskandar, Nora Mohammed, Othman Khunji, Ramah AlHusseini, Rasha Yousif, Rashed AlAraifi, Reema Motib, Roda Al Nasr, Samah Al Ansari, Sarah Ahmed, Sarah B Harnafi, We’d Ganawi.

A special Thanks to all the Artists Involved, their work is truly stunning and inspiring in their own unique way.



We believe in supporting Artists, and we believe that Art can support individuals. For every magazine sold, profit will be donated to a charity that offers Art Therapy to refugees.

The practice of Art Therapy can enable children to express themselves firstly though creative output, and then slowly communicating their feelings verbally while describing their work. Art Therapy provides an opportunity to give voice to their pain.






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Celebrating Emerging Middle Eastern Creatives