They see me rovein’

I’d like to share a recent commission i worked on for rove hotels downtown dubai, the first of a new hotel chain by Emaar properties. My friends and art consultants at capsule arts were responsible for supplying appropriate and cool artworks for rove’s unique concept, and I am happy to be one of the selected artists.
I was commissioned to work on a mural for the corridor of the hotel’s laundry room, which also includes the male and female prayer rooms. the mural i illustrated shows an urban alley typically found around older areas in dubai, consisting of a traditional laundry shop front, and a couple of traditional patterned doors. details along the mural also include cracks on the walls, windows, plants and street animals to add character. the end result was a digitally printed mural which covers the whole wall.
I am really proud of the end result and how it successfully works in the corridor, and compliments the aesthetics and artworks around the rest of the hotel. if you ever stop by rove, do make your way to the mezzanine floor where the laundromat mural is situated.
I end this post with rove downtown dubai’s ‘cabinet of curiosities’, a wall of collected artworks and objects themed around zabeel (the area surrounding the hotel), on the ground floor lobby. My prints are included in this really cool wall, from my ‘five times a day‘ and ‘a krossbreed fantasy‘ print series.
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