Feature: Ali Al-Sammarraie

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Born in 1991 in Iraq, Ali Al-Sammarraie graduated architect from the American university of Sharjah and Louisiana state university, USA. During the time Ali studied architecture, he continued to pursue interests in academic research, design and art and tried to find layers of overlap between these fields. Many of his works are manifests of his approach; from Installations and 3d sculptural/architectural works to paintings and line drawings.


Ali has no specific theme or “style” to pursue. To him, art is but the pure pursuit of one’s curiosity and personal reflection of it. Indeed, it is his only style when he did his work: Apply vigorous attitude to whatever you are doing. This can be seen from his ongoing installations that attempt to redefine common perceptions of waste in the cultural context.

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His art reflected his ethos, and sometimes personal state of mind at the point they were made. This has been done in different forms from portraits and abstract work to cross-contour drawings. They all reflected his artistic, philosophical and intellectual progress through the years.

He also has great interest in religion, society, science and tries to tie them back into design. Given our pressing times, there is an urgent need for finding consensus between the modern world and current cultural and social views in the region. In June 2014, Al-Sammarraie was the first speaker in the conference entitled “Science and religion: An educational approach” which dealt with religion, science and contemporary societal issues, he spoke among world Nobel laureates and renowned speakers.”



You can find Ali on Instagram here: @alisammarraie



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