Abjad Hawaz Fanan by Nasir Nasrallah.

Abjad Hawaz Fanan is a gorgeous zine, printed on recycled paper. This is for anyone trying to create more often but feels stuck or unmotivated. For Nasir Nasrallah (b. 1984), making art is about experimenting with and synthesizing materials, be they physical objects, ideas or theorems. His work is a highly personal response to his environment; the people and places he comes across.


This book talks about seven key points to start artistic journey of the child, where every point gives a word with first letter from the Arabic Alphabets, such as the word «invention» which starts with the first Arabic Alphabetical letter, and the second letter introduce the word «research», and so on. The first version is printed on recycled paper and effort personal opinions of topics and graphics, and it targets children with age group of (10 – 14 years) or anyone interested to start his art career.


Even though this zine targets a very young age group, I think it would make the perfect gift to anyone who wants to explore their creative side. Definitely treat your self & someone else to this recycled bundle of joy.

Find our more about Nasir here : http://nasir.ae and here: @nasirnasrallah




Sarah Ahmed is a 24 year old, Network & Security in information technology graduate. She is the founder, & curator of the Middle Eastern e-mag, Jaffat El Aqlam. When she’s not stressing out about self-made deadlines, she experiments with glitch art, film photography & watercolors. She listens to what her family calls, ‘alien music’ and takes pictures of plants in her city.

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