Artist and Curator Ramah Al Husseini, on making a difference, culture and her artistic inspiration.

Ramah Al Husseini is part of the growing subculture of talented artists gaining momentum in the art scene. Her work speaks volumes and she is constantly creating interesting work using various materials.


Tell us a little about yourself ?

Born and raised in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I Moved to Bahrain for the last two years of my high school education where I’ve received my Art IB certificate,  then had the great opportunity to move to Canada, Montreal and study at the University of Concordia for four years where I’ve obtained by bachelors degree of fine arts/studio arts. After that I moved back to Bahrain and I’ve been developing  my art, my work, even since.

After moving Back to Bahrain in 2011 I opened a Private art space titled Anamil, it only lasted for three years but within these years I had the pleasure of curating and organizing different art exhibitions, a short film exhibition mostly showcasing local filmmakers, talks, workshops and much more. Animal opened the door for me to the Bahraini and Saudi art community and I am very grateful for that.

Since I closed down, I’ve been working as a freelancer, still showcasing my work in different contemporary art exhibitions within the GCC, but started accepting commissioned work, also curating for different galleries and painting murals for hotels and restaurants.




What inspires you to create your work?

Just like most, inspiration of my subject matter comes from strong feelings that develop from personal experience and situations.

For example limitations of and forced cultural mannerisms are themes that inspire me. I tackle such subjects not to change anything or anyone, I am simply trying to get people to accept the difference of the change, even if they themselves do not want to change.

20150824_164035 (1)

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Communication is what I am trying to achieve as well as to bring Awareness; I’m not really good with words, I usually paint what I’d like to say from observations and thoughts. usually I talk about things that matter to me, topics of personal experiences or at least some kind of importance.

I believe I can make a difference, and I believe I can do it though my work,  even if only to bring conversation/communication to the table, that alone brings awareness, and being aware is the first step to anything really, especially growth.

Growth in thought, mind, acceptance .. basicly growth to be better for a better community thus hopefully a better life.


Connect us with a few of your favourite Arab Artists at the moment.

Upcoming artists:

  • Khalid Aljabri, a street photographer from bahrain, capturing moments mostly in the capital, manama. Instagram: @k_aljabri

  • Mohammad Awwad, artist/ graphic designer. Amman, Jordan,

Well known internationally:


Lastly how do you connect to your culture and/or Identity?

Its because I feel somewhat disconnected is partly why I keep painting about culture, my background is not of one culture and i’ve lived in even more diverse cultures, i don’t feel like I am from one place and there isn’t a “culture” for that or at least not yet, i’m sure i’m not the only one with such feelings.

But where I grew up, all these different cultures i’ve been exposed to, lived in and been apart of even for a moment is what shapes me, it is my identity.


Find Ramah here: @alhusseiniramah





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