Feature: Khalifa Al Thani and his next film Land of The Brave

 When Amirah’s vengeful half-sister Asia, steals her private journal, secrets come out that jeopardize her freedom to pursue an education — and force her into an unwilling marriage. Amirah must make her neglectful father see a different side of her.

Khalifa Al-Thani is a filmmaker and a writer of all things “Film & Art” related. Well, only after a few doses of coffee. Once Upon A Time, In January 2011, after indulging in various other Film Blogs as a way to read up on the latest goings on in Hollywood, he decided to apply to numerous colleges hoping to get into one. He chose to write about the things he liked, the things he had lived through & other opinions on what he wanted to change in general.

Khalifa tells us more about his film  Land of the Brave, that is currently in plans for pre-production.

‘Land of the Brave’ was the last screenplay I wrote, I wrote it during my senior year of college, this was around end of 2014, It was nominated for outstanding achievement in screenwriting at New York’s 26th Dusty Film Festival and the inspiration behind it was home ‘Doha.’

I wanted to break the barriers between the Muslim and Western World. Mostly each and every one my colleagues knew nothing about Qatar, all they knew was what they read on the news or saw on T.V which was a misrepresentation of what our country is about. I created the script to prove that people and especially women in our side of the world aren’t oppressed and in actuality are happy and living in peace.

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After further research I have discovered more about our beautiful history and came to the conclusion that I had to write a coming-of-age story of one’s realization of strength in Doha. I emphasized on how my main protagonist is a muslim female that is strong, how family unity is important to us, the generosity of our people and that with determination comes success.

Pre-production will hopefully be starting this winter in Doha. I’m just doing some editing on the script and hopefully I can begin preparing for it once I’m happy with the final draft. A writer’s job is never done.


Find him here: http://www.khalifaalthani.net and on instagram here: @khalifahalthani

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