EXHIBITION: Contemporary Art from Qatar in London.


Contemporary Art from Qatar.

Reconnecting is a showcase of established and emerging Qatari artists reflecting on the ways they connect with their identity, culture and surroundings in an era in which their country is constantly shifting.

What makes this exhibition unique is that the exhibition is not specifically about Qatar but FROM Qatar, about each artists experience, life & thoughts. We embrace that Qatari’s have different experiences & backgrounds. This exhibition celebrates this with the diverse work that is on display.

The exhibition showcases a diverse and refreshing selection of work that encourages dialogue about the power of connection and the importance of reconnecting with the community. With this, Reconnecting Arts, invites the audience to reflect on their own identity as well as discover similarities between them, the work and the artists.

We are connecting back together what has been disconnected or in the process of disconnecting. Dialogue.


Abdulaziz Yousef, Ahmed Al Jufairi, Ahmed Al Sai, Aisha Al Ansari, Ali Hassan, Aref Al Ammari, Amal Al Muftah, Essa Al Mulla, Fatima Al Naimi, Fatma Al Shebani, Hana Al Saadi, Hayfa Al Saada, Hessa Al Ali, Jameela Al Shraim,Khalid Al Fahad, Khalid Al Hammadi, Latifa Al Darwish, Noor Al Thani, Rashid Al Kuwari, Shaha Al Khulaifi, Yousef Ahmed, Aisha Al Mohannadi, Amal Al Muftah, Sarah Al Derham, Mohamed Al Ibrahim, Yousef Al Moadhadhi & Zainab Al Kouly.    

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