Variant Space and their new Podcasts.

Variant Space is a ground breaking collective of Muslim female artists who have come together with one aim, passion and love: the arts. 

For the first time ever, Muslim female artists from around the globe have come together to narrate their stories and journeys. In doing so, they showcase the tones and shades of talent that exist within the Muslim female community all around the world. 

Variant Space is one tapestry, woven together by different threads, with each thread representing the individual artist as a unique and open-mined woman. It is with their paintbrushes, cameras and the weaving of words that the Variant Spaces artists also strive to shatter stereotypes of the Muslim woman, which have become so entrenched overtime. 


PODCAST 001 – Meryem Meg

Meryem Meg is a multidisciplinary artist who explores indigenous methods of mark making through a diasporic lens. Her work is exploratory and self-healing; by living artistically the experiences of her heritage. She touches upon themes of fertility, birth and cycles within nature, offering a subconscious contemplative self reflection. In Meryem’s work there is emphasis on repetition and rhythm infused with her sense of the ‘urbanised everyday’. That is, her aim is to reclaim the given craft or spaces being used via the striking use of colour in her solo show. In this podcast she will be discussing the richness and depth of her artistic experience( as a woman) uniquely, unabashedly and in an individually marked sense.


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