Haredy and his theatrical visuals.

Haredy is an Arab artist based in Sharjah, UAE. He mainly works with photography, filmmaking, and painting. Social ideologies and personal experiences are what drive his art and inspire him.

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Through focusing on dramatic and theatrical visuals, he expresses various concepts that relate to one theme: the unknown. This theme is not limited to one specific concept, but expands with every new experiment; relating to various topics such as psychology, religion, romance, ideology or personal experience.

In his own words, he told us below about each of his projects!

Visible Not Visible

As a practice of the ideology behind the art of visibility, ‘Visible Not Visible’ portrays a connection between various elements shown in the image. The choice of the Niqab, for instance, was based solely on the key-factor of the hidden true identity, and away from any cultural or religious reasoning. Water (or ocean) signifies the contradiction of nothingness and depth, giving the viewer a more senseful idea of the enviroment surrounding the idea of Visibility. Calm and collected but away and in solitude; ‘Visible Not Visible’ explores the balance between both.



Shot in various locations in Turkey, ‘MyGration’ moves through an abstract and more personal analysis of ‘Migration’. Through transitioning from a mental state to another, the individual presented experiences several phases, from low to high and vice versa – all through the conquest of suffocation.



Valid Deconstruction:

‘Valid Deconstruction’ is a series of vibrant, pop-ish collages that visually contradict the fact that they portray the lust for what is bad and the dark side of romance. The elements in the images are deconstructed and then reconstructed in a manner that serve the purpose of validating (or giving an excuse for) the mentioned needs.


3/35: Haredy

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