Moath Alofi and the heritage of Medina.

Moath Alofi was born in Medina, KSA in 1984. To Moath, the holy city is both his studio and an open museum, and since 2013, has embarked on a photographic journey to explore the fast expanding holy city; documenting its cultural heritage, and spreading awareness on its hidden treasures. Here is 4 of the 35 Artists we featured in our Visual Guide. You can still purchase it in our online store.

Moath is the founder of Almthba:  an interdisciplinary studio focusing on the region of Medina by promoting art and assisting researchers. In addition to that, he is the co-founder of Erth team, a well equipped and qualified team specialised in Safari and exploration trips using aerial photography as a means to document the heritage and beauty of the region in specific and Saudi Arabia at large.



Team Erth is a dedicated group of photographers, pilots and tour guides whose sole mission is to document the heritage of Medina and its region. By using light crafts to fly over the city, the team is able to explore the hidden historic sites and terrains of Medina and unveil it through aerial photography.


Being part of the team meant that I was able to explore and photograph remote sites and use this valuable opportunity to collect my own databank to develop a project, which I named after the group.

Project Erth is a photographic series that focuses on a selected number of historic sites. It aims to shed light on the significant history in connection to Islam and the kingdom. This is done through addressing and questioning the status of the neglected monuments.



Check out his website here and his stunning daily photographs here: @moathalofi

4:35: Moath Alofi

Here is 4 of the 35 Artists we featured in our Visual Guide. You can still purchase it on our online store.

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