Aya Al Gergawy and the Girl and the Sea.

Aya Al Gergawy is an artist who was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. Her passion isn’t limited to just film making; storytelling, photography and styling all add to her list of know-how. Through her work, she tries to deliver a message from the society she lives in.

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What influenced you to start being creative?

We are products of our society shaped in different ways, and to me, art is where I get the chance to creatively express my thoughts about anything and everything that I go through on a daily basis.



What message do you want to give through your art work?

Art is for everyone. It is not just a “fancy thing”. It is not limited to a certain target audience. Its core elements are unity and simplicity, and to me, that should be accessible to everyone no matter what their background is.


What inspired this piece?

I When I think of “peaceful and calm”, words that come to mind are: tranquil, centered and serene. I also think of a series of “R” words including restful, resourceful, relaxed, responsive, and ready. Delivering this message is what inspired this piece. The girl represented in the short film is the princess of the ocean and the owner of the area that has a special bond to the sea and sand, while the setup that surrounds her represents her home, her domain.

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