From science to art, dissecting one’s emotions by Dr Ahlam Alshedoukhy.

Copies, one after the other, same minds and morals, same movements and habits, afraid to stand out, comfortable fitting in, these are our keepers, our protectors, our guardians.

Guarding us from individuality, from independence, from ambition, and guarding themselves from shame. There is nothing to be ashamed of when we are all the same.


Dr Ahlam Alshedoukhy has been practising and teaching medicine for the past three decades of her life, she is a Canadian board-certified pathologist, assistant professor and head of the department of pathology at Al Faisal University’s College of Medicine. While working on her specialization in Canada she began painting in the evenings to relax – little did she know that this would begin her journey through science to art, to find the place where the two finally meet.

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Starting with oil, and with no training, painting was a source of comfort and a healthy way to dissect one’s emotions. Over time, Dr Ahlam discovered her fascination with the development of one’s identity and expression of self, eventually investing in the study of yoga, becoming a certified instructor in 2004. It was around this time that her love of art was reborn and her practice increased.

Moving from oil to acrylic, she now paints daily and sometimes even dreams of her art; her style is an unexpected combination of realism and abstract, with a minimalistic approach to both. Society and the self are common sources of inspiration, with the exploration of the individual versus the collective identity being the main focus of her art.

“It takes time to find who you are, you might find yourself at 50 or at 60, but it doesn’t make a difference it’s the journey that matters.”

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Dr Ahlam also touches upon many issues such as gender balance and the complex man/woman relationship in Saudi Arabia. She believes in art with a message, with the goal of creating pieces that speak to the audience. Through her experience as a physician, working with patients and then students, she has come to appreciate the presence of science in art the significance of light, texture and color, the technique needed to master them, and the humanity without which no science would exist.

While through her experience as an artist she discovered the presence of art in science the layers of details, the complexity of existence, the beauty that is life, and the humanity without which no art would have a purpose; the humanity where the two finally meet.

These works are an eclectic collection of the thoughts and emotions that have inspired and guided Dr. Ahlam’s art. Although not necessarily of the same style or approach, these pieces reflect a constant theme in her evolution of self. She looks forward to sharing her work, and invites you to join her on her journey with hopes of contributing to your own process of discovery. There is no right or wrong direction to take, and no one path to follow, the only rule is to keep growing.

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