Reconnecting Arts with Qatar America Institute presents “RUWAD” Exhibition in Washington, USA.

Reconnecting Arts is proud to present in partnership with Qatar America Institute the RUWAD Exhibition.

Ruwad (“pioneers” in Arabic) is a collection of both established and up-and-coming Qatar-based artists that are transforming the artistic landscape in the region. From painting to photography to installation pieces, Ruwad will exhibit the leading visionary minds of Qatar whose creative works continue to inspire and promote the cultural richness of the region.




On May 8, 2018, the Qatar-America Institute is hosting a reception for the premiere of Ruwad in celebration of these artists, their work, and the positive impact of creativity in the Gulf Region. To register for the reception, please RSVP.


Ruwad Pop-Up gallery:

May 9-15

Address: 1643 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20009

Hours: May 9, 10, 11, 14 & 15 (weekdays) 5-8pm
May 12 & 13 (weekend) 1-7pm


Following the premiere, the Ruwad exhibit will be open to the public for two weeks in Washington, DC at the Pop Up Gallery!

When: 8 May 2018

Where: Washington, DC

More Info: 

RSVP: Here

Our Artists:

They previously exhibited with us in RE CONNECT ING & TRANSITION.

Hayfaa Al Khuzai

Hayfaa Abbas Al Khuzai is a Qatari artist who is a former art teacher with 20 years of experience at Qatar’s ministry of education. She was awarded with a BFA in fine art education from Qatar University in 1989 and a General diploma in fine art from Besancon France in 1984.

Khalid Al Hammadi

Khalid Ahmed Al Hammadi is an innovative and creative non-profit entrepreneur fostering leadership, cross-cultural dialogue and community engagement with students and youth in the UK and Qatar through community programs, art exhibitions and more. He is also a creative often exploring notions of identity and its relationship with the landscape through mixed media outcomes such as sound, film and photography.



Fatima Mohammed

Fatima Mohammed is a contemporary Qatari artist, born in 1993, who works in mixed media, printmaking, sculpture and installation art. In 2016, Fatima graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar with a bachelor’s degree in Painting and Printmaking and a minor in Art History. Fatima is currently part of the Fire Station residence programs (2017-2018). Fatima’s work focuses on the social anatomy of the Arabian Gulf and how it is changing over time through the perspective of 3naj (Anaj), her fictional character’s world.

Jameela Al Shraim

Jameela Al Shraim was one of the first female Artists in Qatar. Her work mixes both Arab and Western themes, the influence of which is evident in the corpus of her works, which focus primarily on canvas painting but also include graphics as well as sculpture. Jameela is a columnist and art critic who evaluates Qatari artists in her column “Basaryat,” or “Visuals,” in Al Sharq newspaper. She merges characters and horses creating a world were visions and dreams are mixed. Jameela’s work focuses mainly on the figure of the Arabian horse and transforms it into elements of calligraphic and abstract shapes.

My family collection
Aisha Al Ansari

Aisha Al-Ansari, an amateur photographer, having started in 2007. Aisha has exhibited her work in local and international galleries and often takes photos of her family in Qatar’s most famous landmarks areas as well as landscapes that document the land of Qatar.

Nasser Al Attiyah

Nasser Al Attiyah is a Qatari artist who has an academic and professional background in petroleum engineering, however, his passion lies in contemporary art. All his experiences in fine art are a personal undertaking and self-taught. Nasser is a member of Qatar Fine Arts Association where he has participated in many local and international exhibitions.

Ahmed Al Jufairi

Graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, Ahmed Al Jufairi majored in Painting and Printmaking with a minor in Art History, he considers himself to be a contemporary Pop Artist. Ahmed infuses his sole inspiration- Beyoncé with his surrounding culture, including social issues and structures that have been set by previous generations. Ahmed believes in individualism, freedom of expression and the concept of reforming what exists into something new. The essence of his work revolves around the idea of Hope, where he believes hard work, devotion and love can create endless possibilities.


Latifa Al Darwish & Abdulaziz Ahmed


Abdulaziz Ahmed is a cartoonist in Alraya newspaper in Qatar. He started his artistic journey on social media platforms. His work has been shown in local and international exhibitions.

Latifa is an independent award-winning filmmaker. The films she has been making vary between documentaries and animation. Her work was screened in international film festivals and exhibitions in London and around the world. Her grandmother’s stories and memories inspire her to make films.



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