Taking its name from Sheikha Al Mayassa’s Ted Talk in 2012, the exhibition discusses the idea of Globalising the Local and Localising the Global. She stated, “We are changing our culture from within, but at the same time we are reconnecting with our traditions”.  Reconnecting creates a framework for the artists to explore their individual and collective vision of the local culture, and its interaction with the rest of the world.

Many of these Artists have chosen to document the shift, progress, and concern for their countries rapid growth through various mediums spanning from painting, installation, imagery and moving image. While some of the Artists have already connected with the past using handmade Qatari leaf palm and old photographs as references, some are connecting with the present through exploration of the current city and the way in which technology is impacting the generation, while some of the Artists have invented ways to preserve their history, like reformed the classic playing card or solely using recycled materials in hope that future generations will reconnect.

The exhibition showcases a diverse and refreshing selection of work that encourages dialogue about the power of connection and the importance of reconnecting with the community. With this, Reconnecting Arts, invites the audience to reflect on their own identity as well as discover similarities between them, the work and the artists.

Curated by Sara Foryame and Co-curated Khalid Al Hammadi




Ahmed Al Jufairi, Ahmed Al Sai, Aisha Al Ansari, Ali Hassan, Aref Al Ammari, Essa Al Mulla, Fatima Al Naimi, Fatima Al Shebani, Hana Al Saadi, Hayfa Al Saada, Hessa Al Ali, Jameela Al Shraim, Khalid Al Fahad, Khalid Al Hammadi, Noor Al Thani, Shaha Al Khulaifi, Yousef Ahmed.


Aisha Al Mohannadi, Amal Al Muftah, Mohamed Al Ibrahim, Sarah Al Derham, Yousef Al Moadhadhi, Zainab Al Kouly, 3yooz News.



P21 Gallery –  21-27 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD, UK

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 12:00hr-18:00hr, Wednesday 12:00hr-20:00hr, Saturday 12:00hr-16:00hr.

 Nearest London Underground station: Euston and Kings Cross.

Exhibition Dates:  10th November: Private view. 

11th November – 20th December 2016: Open to Public.

Admission is Free.



For General Enquiries: info@reconnectingarts.com

For Event Enquiries: events@reconnectingarts.com

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